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Indiana University Bloomington

Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Citizenship Verification

Effective July 1, 2011, two Indiana state laws require that Indiana University Bloomington collect verification of citizenship from every student who plans to attend. The legislation stipulates that students who are not lawfully residing in the United States are:

  • ineligible for in-state tuition rates
  • ineligible for scholarships, grants, assistantships or other aid funded through the university

Electronic Verification

An electronic citizenship verification will be available within OneStart ( ) for each student who has not yet completed the verification: OneStart > Services and Information section > Citizenship Verification.

It is critical that each student complete the verification when presented to them via OneStart.

Failure to do so will result in reassessment of fees to non-resident rates and removal of any university financial assistance.

Once the verification is completed:

  • Your residency status and financial aid/scholarships will be unaffected if:
    • You are a U.S. Citizen
    • You are a permanent resident, asylee, or refugee
    • You live outside the U.S. and will complete your program while residing abroad
    • You are a foreign national with a valid U.S. visa or immigration status
  • Your residency status will have to be changed to non-resident and financial aid/scholarships will be removed if:
    • You are unable to verify that you are lawfully residing in the U.S.

The relevant Indiana state laws may be found at the links below:

    House -
    Senate -

If you have questions/concerns, please feel free to contact Student Central on Union at (812) 855-0121.