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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

School/Department Directory

Offices of the academic deans are generally open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.-12 noon and 1 p.m.-4 p.m., and are closed Saturday and Sunday. Consult individual offices for specific times and days. Most student academic problems can be resolved by the dean’s office. If you need to see a dean personally, it would be better to call in advance to make an appointment.

Allied Health Sciences

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Office of Academic and Student Affairs
Indianapolis: Coleman 120
(317) 264-4702
School of Medicine Asst. Director for Academic Records
Indianapolis: Marti Reeser
(317) 278-8628
Advising: Health Professions & Prelaw Center Maxwell Hall 010 855-1873

College of Arts and Sciences

COLL College of Arts and Sciences
Information (Undergraduate Recorder)Owen Hall855-1821
Undergraduate Academic AffairsOwen Hall855-8245
GraduateOwen Hall856-3687
AAAD African American and African Diaspora Studies BH 502 855-3875
AADM Arts Administration SPEA A300
(Master Programs Office)
AAST Asian American Studies BH 543 855-3306
ABEH Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior 409 N. Park 855-9663
AMST Department of American Studies BH 544 855-7718
ANTH Anthropology SB 130 855-1041
ARTH Art History FA 132 855-9556
ASCS Arts & Sciences Career Services 625 N. Jordan 855-0576
AST Astronomy SW 318 855-6911
BIOC Biochemistry SI 003 856-1301
BIOL Biology JH A115 855-3810
BIOT Biotechnology JH A115 855-3810
CEUS Central Eurasian Studies GISB 3024 855-2233
CHEM Chemistry CH 021 855-2700
CJUS Criminal Justice SY 302 855-9325
CLAS Classical Studies
Greek, Latin
BH 547 855-6651
CLLC Collins Living-Learning Center 541 N. Woodlawn 855-9815
  Comparative Arts BH 907 855-0648
CMCL Communication and Culture 800 E. 3rd St., Rm 259 855-5443
CMLT Comparative Literature BH 914 855-7070
COGS Cognitive Science Program EG 819 855-0031
CTIH Center for Theoretical Inquiry in the Humanities 1211 E. Atwater Ave. 856-1169
CULS Cultural Studies BH 410 855-0088
ECON Economics WY 105 855-1021
ENG English BH 442 855-8224
FLLC Foster International Living-Learning Center Foster Quad-Shea 855-6215
FOLK Folklore and Ethnomusicology 800 E. 3rd St. 855-1027
FRIT French and Italian GISB 3169 855-1952
GEOG Geography SB 120 855-6303
GEOL Geological Sciences GY 129 855-5582
GER Germanic Studies GISB 3103A 855-1553
GLLC Global Living-Learning Center Read-Curry D101
(125 S. Jordan Ave.)
GNDR Gender Studies BH 642 855-0101
GRAD University Graduate School 1320 E. 10th Street, Room E546 855-8853
HISP Spanish and Portuguese GISB 2160 855-1157
HIST History BH 742 855-7581
HPSC History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine BH 644 855-3622
HUBI Human Biology SY 046 855-2250
IBLS Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies BH 914 855-7070
IEP Intensive English Program BH 804 855-6457
IMP Individualized Major Program BH 129 855-9588
INTP International Affairs 201 N. Indiana Ave. 856-5523
JSTU Jewish Studies GISB 4023 855-0453
LATS Latino Studies BH 542 856-1795
LAMP Liberal Arts and Management Program 516 N. Fess Ave. 856-4966
LING Linguistics BH 844 855-6456
MATH Mathematics RH 115 855-3171
MEST Medieval Studies BH 650 855-8201
NEUS Neuroscience MSBII 216 855-7756
PACE Political and Civic Engagement Program WH 221 856-1747
PHIL Philosophy SY 026 855-7088
PHYS Physics SW 117 855-1247
POLS Political Science WH 210 855-6308
PSY Psychological & Brain Sciences PY 120 855-2012
REL Religious Studies SY 230 855-3531
REN Renaissance Studies GISB 3135 855-6596
SLAV Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures GISB 4050 855-2608
SLST Second Language Studies BH 802 855-7951
SOC Sociology BH 802 855-4127
SPHS Speech and Hearing Sciences SG C138 855-4864
STAT Statistics BH 643 855-7828
THTR Theatre and Drama AD A250 855-4342
VICT Victorian Studies BH 338 855-9534
Singell, executive dean
Pratt, associate executive dean & provost professor of Geological Sciences
McGinnis, associate dean for social & historical sciences and graduate education
Lucaites, associate dean for arts & humanities and undergraduate education
Musser, associate dean for natural & mathematical sciences and research
Byler, assistant dean for graduate education
Greenslade, assistant dean and director of undergraduate retention and achievement
Grossman, assistant dean and director of undergraduate curriculum and policy

Hutton Honors College

HON Hutton Honors College 811 E. 7th Street 855-3555

Jacobs School of Music

MUS Jacobs School of Music
Undergraduate Division Office
JS 120 855-3743
Graduate Division Office
JS 120 855-1738
Elective and Class Guitar
MA 347 855-9412
Elective and Class Piano
JS 204 855-9009
Elective Voice
MU 105 855-2057
Audio Engineering & Sound Production
MC 426 855-1087
Music Education
M 145J 855-2051
MC 308 855-6787
Music History & Lit
M 225H 855-5716
M 225H 855-5716
Ensembles: Instrumental
MA 010 855-9804
Ensembles: Choral
MA 015 855-0427
Richards, dean
Allen, executive associate dean
May, associate dean for instruction
Isaacson, director of graduate studies
Tartell, director of undergraduate studies

Kelley School of Business

BUS Kelley School of Business
Business Information
HH 5100855-8966
Business Economics and Public Policy
HH 3080 855-9219
Business Law and Ethics
HH 4080 855-9308
Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills
Communication and Professional Skills
1319 E. Tenth St. 855-5613
Computer Skills
HH 3166 856-5503
HH 6100 855-8568
Finance/Real Estate
HH 6100 855-7794
Management and Entrepreneurship
HH 3100 855-9638
HH 2100 855-8870
Operations and Decision Technologies
HH 4100 855-3704
Undergraduate Program    
Undergraduate Office
HH 2030 855-0611
HH 2030 855-4474
Business Honors Program
HH 3038 855-2614
Diversity Initiatives
HH 3038 855-2614
Integrative Core
HH 2030 855-0191
Undergraduate General Advisors
HH 3035 855-2614
Undergraduate International Programs
HH 3038 855-2614
MBA Program CG 2010 855-8006
Doctoral Program HH 7300 855-3476
Graduate Accounting Programs CG 2000 855-7200
Information Systems Graduate Programs CG 2000 855-7200
Kelley DirectCG 3100 855-4231

Josh Perry, Undergraduate Program
Kyle Cattani, Full-time MBA Program
Patrick Hopkins, Graduate Accounting Programs
Bipin Prabhakar, Information Systems Graduate Program
Rebecca Slotegraaf, Doctoral Programs
Ramesh Venkataraman, Kelley Direct MBA & MS Programs

Kinsey Institute

KINS Kinsey Institute MO 313 855-7686

Labor Studies

LSTU Labor Studies 1127 E. Atwater Avenue 855-9084
Information1127 E. Atwater Avenue 855-9084
Counseling1127 E. Atwater Avenue 855-9084

Maurer School of Law

LAW Maurer School of Law Law 022 855-4809
Information 855-7995
AdmissionsLaw 230855-4765
Student Affairs Office Law 022 855-4809
Parrish, dean
Nagy, executive associate dean for academic affairs
Davis, assistant dean for international programs
Havill, assistant dean for external affairs and alumni relations
Canada, assistant dean of admissions
Turchi, assistant dean for finance and administration
Matthews, assistant dean of students
Broughman, associate dean for research
Dawson, assistant dean of career services

Media School

MSCH Media School Franklin Hall, 3rd Floor, Stack 6 855-9247
Undergraduate Recorder
Owen Hall 855-1821
Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Owen Hall 855-8245
Graduate Office
Owen Hall 856-3687
Undergraduate Information
Franklin Hall 230 855-8186
Graduate Information
Franklin Hall 230 855-0570
Franklin Hall 006 855-2367
Career Services
Franklin Hall 0030 856-4956
Larry Singell, Executive Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Lisa Pratt, Associate Executive Dean
Mitchell Byler, Assistant Dean for Graduate Education
Terri Greenslade, Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Retention and Achievement
Justin Grossman, Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Curriculum and Policy
James Shanahan, Dean of the Media School
Betsi Grabe, Associate Dean of the Media School
James Kelly, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Andrew Weaver, Director of Graduate Studies

Note: Media School office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Medical Sciences Program

MSCI Medical Sciences Program
Anatomy(ANAT), Medical Chemistry (MCHE), Medicine (MED), Medical Microbiology (MBIO), Medical Sciences (MSCI), Pathology (PATH), Pharmacology (PHAR), Physiology (PHSL)
Dean's Office JH 105 855-8118
Hess, dean of medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine–IUPUI
Watkins, associate dean and director, Medical Sciences Program–BL

Office of Overseas Study

OVST Office of Overseas Study IC 855-9304

Reserve Officers Training Corps

ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps
Aerospace Studies-Air Force (AERO)
814 E. Third, Rm 303855-4191
Lt Col Russell C. Callaway, professor of Aerospace Studies
Military Science-Army (MIL)
Smith Research Center 150855-7682
LTC Hoch, professor of Military Science

Residential Programs and Services

RPS Residential Programs and Services
Residential Education Class Program   856-4088
Residential Learning Communities   855-5911
RPS Academic Programs   855-4708
Atkins LLC
Forest Center 855-0276
Civic Leaders LLC
Briscoe Center 855-2242
Collins LLC
10th & Woodlawn 855-9815
Teter Quad 855-0969
Global LLC
Read Center 855-5911
Spruce Hall 856-1432
Kelley LLC
McNutt Center Building 855-0468
Media LLC
Forest Center 855-1725
School of Informatics and Computing LLC
Teter Quad 856-3636
School of Public Health LLC
Briscoe Center 856-4437
Women in STIM
Forest Center 855-3565

School of Art & Design

SOAD School of Art & Design 100 Kirkwood Hall 855-7623
Information (Undergraduate Recorder)Owen Hall855-1821
Undergraduate Academic AffairsOwen Hall855-8245
GraduateOwen Hall856-3687
AMID Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design KH 855-7737
FINA Fine Arts Studio FA 123 855-7766
FSDS Fashion Design KH
Faimon, dean
Byler, assistant dean (graduate)
Lucaites, associate dean for arts & humanities and undergraduate education
Greenslade, academic assistant dean and director of undergraduate retention and achievement
Grossman, academic assistant dean and director of undergraduate curriculum and policy

School of Education

EDUCSchool of Education
Education 1000856-8500
Student Academic Center
408 N. Union St.855-7313
Education 1000856-8504
Teacher Education
Education 1000856-8580
Information/Office of Teacher EducationEducation 1000856-8500
Registration InformationEducation 1000856-8500
Mason, dean
Crow, interim executive associate dean - Bloomington
Hughes, executive associate dean - Indianapolis
Buck, interim associate dean of research
Boling, associate dean for graduate studies
Barton, associate dean for teacher education - Bloomington
Tillema, chair of teacher education - Indianapolis

School of Global and International Studies

SGIS School of Global and International Studies
Dean's Office
Global and International Studies Building (GA, GISB), 4th Floor 856-7900
Information (Undergraduate Recorder)
Owen Hall 855-1821
Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Owen Hall 855-8245
Owen Hall 856-3687
AFRI African Studies GA 3080 855-8284
CEUS Central Eurasian Studies GA 3024 855-2029
EALC East Asian Languages and Cultures GA 2050 855-1992
EURO Institute for European Studies GA 4004 855-3280
INST India Studies GA 2004 855-5798
INTL International Studies GA 1042 856-1816
LTAM Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies GA 2072 855-9097
NELC Near Eastern Languages and Cultures GA 3050 855-5993
REEI Russian and East European Institute GA 4020 855-7309
SEAS Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies GA 2007 856-3304
Feinstein, dean of sgis
Cullather, executive associate dean of sgis
Kahn, assistant dean for strategic collaborations
Byler, assistant dean for graduate education
Lucaites, associate dean for arts & humanities and undergraduate education
Greenslade, assistant dean and director of undergraduate retention and achievement
Grossman, assistant dean and director of undergraduate curriculum and policy

School of Informatics and Computing

INFO School of Informatics and Computing
Informatics, Computer Science, Intelligent Systems Engineering - Undergraduate Office INFO WEST, Rm. 302 (901 E. 10th Street) 856-1321
INFO Informatics - Graduate Office INFO WEST, Rm. 233 (901 E. 10th Street) 856-1802
CSCI Computer Science - Graduate Office LH 225 855-6487
DSCI Data Science - Graduate Office 711 N. Park 856-5953
ILS Department of Information and Library Science - Graduate Office LI 011 855-2018
Intelligent Systems Engineering - Graduate Office Smith Research Center 151A 855-8636
Administrative Services 856-5754
Acharya, dean

School of Nursing

NURS School of Nursing Sycamore 437 855-1736
Undergraduate OfficeSycamore Hall 437855-1736
Academic CounselorSycamore Hall 401855-2592
Hensel, interim assistant dean

School of Optometry

OPT School of Optometry
Optometry (OPT), Optometric Vision Science (VSCI)
Optometry 231 855-1917
Student Affairs Office Optometry 214855-1917
Bonanno, dean
Brooks, executive associate dean for academic affairs
Kollbaum, associate dean for research
Burns, associate dean for graduate programs
Vance, director, student administration
Pence, associate dean, clinical and patient care services
Kohne, associate dean of students

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

SPEA School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Dean's Office
SPEA 300 855-1432
Doctoral Program - Public Affairs/Public Policy
SPEA 441 855-2457
Doctoral Program - Environmental Science
SPEA 418 855-4953
Masters Program Office
SPEA A300 855-2840
Graduate Records Office
SPEA A328 855-0770
Undergraduate Records Office
SPEA 260G 856-5386
Undergraduate Programs
SPEA 240 855-0635
Undergraduate Counselors
SPEA 240 855-0635
Graham, Dean
McGuire, Executive Associate Dean
Gronbjerg, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Fernandez, Director, Ph.D. Program in Public Affairs and Public Policy
Craft, Director, Ph.D. Program in Environmental Science
Gazley, Director, Master of Public Affairs Program and SPEA-Connect Online MPA Program
Meretsky, Director, Master of Science in Environmental Science Program
Need, Director, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

School of Public Health

SPH School of Public Health
PH 123855-1561
PH 123855-1561
PH 123855-1561
Applied Health Science
PH 116855-3627
Environmental Health
PH 029856-2448
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
PH C034 856-2260
PH 112855-5523
Elective Physical Activity Instruction
PH 296855-4489
Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies
PH 133855-4711
Torabi, dean
Gibbs, executive associate dean
Schrader, assistant dean for student academic affairs

School of Social Work

SWK School of Social Work 1127 E. Atwater Avenue 855-4427

Note: The office of the dean of the School of Social Work is located on the IUPUI campus. The Bloomington BSW Program Director can address most student academic problems in Bloomington.

University Division

UDIV University Division Maxwell Hall 101 855-6768
Zorn, associate vice provost Maxwell Hall 100 855-8783

University Graduate School

GRAD University Graduate School 1320 E. 10th Street, Room E546 855-8853
Wimbush, dean of the university graduate school
Daleke, associate dean of the university graduate school
Schmit, assistant dean