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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Late Drop/Add

Beginning September 2, 2019

Student Central on Union - 408 N. Union St. (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Note: Students who are dropping all classes (including those enrolled in only one class) must follow procedures for withdrawal from the university.

Late fees:

A late schedule change fee will be assessed for each class dropped after the first week of classes. The late schedule change fee also applies to a class number (section) change, a change of arranged hours, or a credit/audit change.

Waiver of the late schedule change fee will be considered only when it can be clearly demonstrated that the university, through one of its offices or officials, is directly responsible for the late drop/add activity.


Classes dropped after Sunday, September 1 will be assigned a grade of W through the last day for an automatic grade of W (see Official Calendar); thereafter, a grade of W or F must be assigned by the instructor.

After the automatic withdrawal period, a student may withdraw only with the permission of his or her dean. This approval is normally given only for urgent reasons related to extended illness or equivalent distress. Students should check with the office listed below under Late Drop/Add Forms Distribution for their school’s policy.

Note: A student who is found to have committed an act of academic misconduct while enrolled in a class and is assigned a grade of F by the instructor as a result of the misconduct will have a grade of F entered in place of the automatic W which would otherwise have applied. A grade of F recorded as a result of academic misconduct will be subject to the same procedures as if the student had not attempted to withdraw from the class.

Exception (Paper) Procedure

  • Obtain late drop/add forms from the appropriate location (see forms distribution table below). Complete all requested student and class information.
  • Obtain required signatures:
    • Signatures required to add a class:
      • School dean (student’s school)
      • Department chair (class department)
      • Instructor
    • Signatures required to drop a class:
      • School dean (student’s school)
      • Department chair (class department)
      • Instructor (following the end of the automatic grade of W period—see Official Calendar)
  • Report to Student Central on Union, 408 N. Union St.
  • Report directly to a Service Representative who will process your transaction. Do not use the online registration system.

For information concerning eDrop/eAdd services, please refer to Drop or Add a Class at

Late Drop/Add Forms Locations

Art and Design

Recorder’s office, Owen Hall 003
Owen Hall, Third Floor
Arts and Sciences

Recorder’s office, Owen Hall 003
Owen Hall, Third Floor

Steps to request a Late Add: Steps to request a Late Drop:
Godfrey Graduate and Executive Education Center, 2010
Graduate Accounting Programs
Godfrey Graduate and Executive Education Center, 2000
Information Systems Programs
Godfrey Graduate and Executive Education Center, 2000
Kelley Direct
Kelley Direct students may drop or add classes only through the SCOPe system. E-mail Donna Armbruester at or Jane Sears at for more information.
Kelley Doctoral Programs Recorders Office - Hodge Hall 7300

Education 1000
Education 2100
Global and International Studies
Recorder’s office, Owen Hall 003
Owen Hall, Third Floor
Hutton Honors College 811 E. 7th St., 115B
Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Undergraduate (CSCI, INFO, and ISE)
INFO WEST, Rm. 302 (901 E. 10th Street)
Graduate - Computer Science
Luddy Hall 1112
Graduate - Data Science
Luddy Hall 1120
Graduate - Informatics
INFO WEST, Rm 233 (901 E. 10th Street)
Graduate - Information and Library Science
Luddy Hall 2106
Graduate - Intelligent Systems Engineering
Luddy Hall 4th Floor
Law Law School 022
Media School

Recorder’s office, Owen Hall 003
Owen Hall, Third Floor
Medical Sciences Jordan Hall 104
Advising and Record Services

JS 120
Nursing Advisor’s office, Sycamore Hall 402
Optometry Optometry 210
Public and Environmental Affairs

Records Office, SPEA 253
Records Office, SPEA 253
Public Health Dean’s office, Public Health 123
Social Work 1105 E. Atwater Avenue
Labor Studies 1127 E. Atwater Avenue
University Division
Late Add: Late Drop:
University Graduate School* 1320 E. 10th Street, Room E546
* Continuing non-degree students only. All other University Graduate School students should obtain forms and dean’s approval in the school of their major department.

Fee Payment

No payments will be due nor any refunds made until the next monthly bills are generated. If your drop/add activity produces a credit balance on your student account, a refund will be directly deposited to your chosen financial institution. If you do not participate in the direct deposit program, a check will be mailed to your student housing or local address on file with the Office of the Registrar. (Use the Personal Information app at One.IU to maintain accurate addresses.)

Please refer to the Drop/Add Policy for graduate and undergraduate students in the Financial Information section of this bulletin.