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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Final Examinations

Examination Policies (Bloomington Faculty Council)

Final Examination Policy

When required, final examinations will be given at the last class meeting or at a time appointed by the instructor.

By action of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the following rules regarding conflicts, absences, and academic ethics apply:

More Than Three Exams in One Day

In the event of more than three exams in one day, the instructor/department of the fourth and subsequent exams is obligated to adjust the student's exam time, provided the student notifies them by the mid-point of the semester.

In the event a student is scheduled to take more than three final examinations on the same day, the student may exercise the following options:

  • Take all final examinations as they are scheduled;

  • Consult with the instructors or departments giving the final examinations to determine if any make-up examination(s) is or can be scheduled. If no make-up examination is available, then the student must notify the instructor or department of the course scheduled for the fourth (and additional) final examination of the day. That instructor or that department will then be obligated to adjust the student's final examination schedule, provided the student has notified that instructor or department before the halfway point of the session.


Students having examination conflicts must report to the dean of the school in which they are enrolled.


Students who anticipate absences from final examinations, or who are absent from final examinations for reasons they did not anticipate, should discuss these absences with their instructors as soon as possible to make arrangements for the satisfaction of course requirements. Instructors may require students who are absent from final examinations to file a written explanation of the absence with the Student Advocates Office (Eigenmann Hall 229W; 812-855-0761). The Dean of Students Committee on Absence will review these written explanations and seek additional information, as necessary, before indicating its findings to the instructors involved. The final decision in the dispensation of these matters remains the instructor's.

Where the Incomplete was received because of absence from the final examination, students may request a grade of W instead of taking the examination to remove the grade of I. In such cases, the Dean may ask the Committee on Absence to document the reason for the absence before approving a change of grade from I to W.