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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Open Registration/Schedule Adjustment

Open Registration dates for each session may be found in the Summer Official Calendar.

All students who are enrolling on the Bloomington campus for the first time are eligible to register during Open Registration/Schedule Adjustment. This includes all new unergraduate students, new graduate students, and intercampus transfer students.

In addition, all returning students who were not enrolled on the Bloomington campus during Spring 2018 are eligible to register during this time period.

Registration using the Student Center

Use the Student Center from locations where you have online access, including computers on campus or in your living space.

Registration Procedure

Through May 14, for information about IU-Bloomington's registration process, refer to the Registration Procedure section of the Early Registration page. If you need detailed registration instructions, see Student Central's page on Steps to Register.

Beginning May 15, refer to the eDrop/eAdd section of this bulletin for registration procedures and instructions.

Fee Payment

See Registration - Fee Payment for more information.