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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Building Abbreviations and Explanations


Code Building
ABBirch Hall
ACCedar Hall-Union Street Center
AGAmerican Indian Center
AHIU Health Services Building
AMDeVault Alumni Center
AN701 E. 8th St (Anthropology Annex)
ASAssembly Hall (Simon Skjodt)
ATBill Armstrong Stadium
AZStudio Arts Annex
BHBallantine Hall
BQBriscoe Quad
BYBryan Hall
C2Classroom-Office Building
C3Carmichael Center
CGGodfrey Grad & Exec Ed Ctr
CHChemistry Building
CNIU Cinema
CRCyberinfrastructure Building (CIB)
CUStudent Central on Union; Student Academic Center (408 N. Union)
CX Chemistry Addition
CYMultidisciplinary Engineering & Sciences (MESH) Hall
EDWendell W. Wright Education Building
EGEigenmann Hall
EOEdmondson Hall (Collins Center)
EPErnie Pyle Hall
ERSmith Research Center (2805 E. 10th)
FAFine Arts Building
FE800 N. Indiana Ave.
FFFranklin Hall
FK504 N. Fess
FQFoster Quad (Shea & Martin Hall)
FRForest Quad
FVArt Museum (Sidney & Lois Eskenazi)
FXMcCalla School
FY501 N. Park
GAHamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies
GBGoodbody Hall (Wells Quadrangle)
GDAshton Hall
GFWilliam Leon Garrett Fieldhouse
GGGriggs Lounge (Ashton)
GRGresham Hall (Foster Quad)
GYGeological Sciences
HCHealth Center
HEHershey Hall (Ashton Center)
HG715 E. 8th St.
HHHodge Hall (Kelley School of Business);
Prebys Career Service Center (portion of Hodge Hall)
HL801 N. Eagleson Avenue(Nelson RPS Admin)
HRHarris House (School of Public Health)
HSHarlos House
HUHutton Honors College (811 E. 7th St.)
IMyles Brand Hall - West (School of Informatics)
ICInternational Center (111 S. Eagleson Ave)
IFLuddy Hall
ILIndiana University Hillel
IN708 E. 8th St.
JA321 N. Woodlawn Ave
JHBiology Building
JSEast Studio Building
KD814 E. 3rd St.
KHKirkwood Hall
LA1125 E. Atwater Ave
LHLindley Hall
LIWells Library
LLLilly Library
LSLewis Building
LULuddy Center for Artificial Intelligence
LWLowell E. Baier Hall (Maurer School of Law)
LZLaCasa/Latino Cultural Ctr (715 E. 7th St)
MMusic Library and Recital Center, Bess Meshulam Simon; Speech & Hearing Clinic
M2IU Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology
MAMusic Annex
MCMusical Arts Center
MECravens Hall (541 N. Woodlawn Ave.)
MGMarching Hundred Hall (Ray E. Cramer)
MMMemorial Hall (Wells Quadrangle)
MNMcNutt Central Quad
MOMorrison Hall
MQMason Hall
MSMemorial Stadium
MUMerrill Hall
MVMellencamp Pavilion
MXMaxwell Hall
MYMyers Hall
MZIndiana Institute on Disability and Community (1905 N. Range Rd)
NT712 E. 8th St. (FNECC)
OA300 N. Eagleson
OBKirkwood Observatory
OCOff-Campus (BLOCOC in SIS)
OLIUOCC Online Courseshare (class meets online)
OPOptometry Building
OWOwen Hall
PC625 N. Eagleson
PHPublic Health, School of
PJ618 E. 3rd St
PS1217 E. Atwater Ave
PVO'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs
R2Journal of American History
RASpruce Hall
RBStudent Recreational Sports & Aquatic Center
RERead Center
RHRawles Hall
S2Multidisciplinary Science Building II
S7Inst. forSocial Research (1022 E. 3rd.)
SBStudent Building (Frances Morgan Swain)
SESwain East
SHShea Hall (Foster Quad)
SISimon Hall
SPMonroe Co. Govt Center(501 N. Morton St.)
ST309-311 N. Park Ave
SWSwain West
SYSycamore Hall
T2Global NOC Building
TA306 N. Union
TETeter Quad
THLee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center / Marcellus Neal and Frances Marshall Black Culture Center
TO1800 N. Fee Lane
TPTennis Center
TVRadio-Television Center
UBMemorial Union Building
VDMies Van Der Rohe
VWWilkinson Hall (Volleyball/Wrestling)
WBWeb Courses (class meets online)
WE704 E. 8th St.
WHWoodburn Hall
WIWilkie Quad
WTWright Quad
WU1127 E. Atwater Ave
WYWylie Hall
X4Auxiliary Library Facility
ZBPolitical Theory

For questions about accessibility to persons with physical disabilities, please contact Disability Services for Students at 855-7578.