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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Official Calendar - Summer 2020

  • Tue, May 12
    Classes begin
  • Fri, June 5
  • Mon, June 8
  • Fri, June 19
  • Mon, June 22
  • Thu, July 2
  • Mon, July 6
  • Fri, July 31
    End of term
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Non-Standard Sessions
Full Term1589774400100% Refund Deadline
See Non-Standard Session Dates page for more information on courses with non-standard dates for the current academic term.
158977440012wM May 18
1st 4-Week1589342400100% Refund Deadline15893424004w1W May 13
2nd 4-Week1591675200100% Refund Deadline15916752004w2Tu June 9
3rd 4-Week1594094400100% Refund Deadline15940944004w3Tu July 7
1st 6-Week1589774400100% Refund Deadline15897744006w1M May 18
2nd 6-Week1593316800100% Refund Deadline15933168006w2Su June 28
1st 8-Week1589774400100% Refund Deadline15897744008w1M May 18
2nd 8-Week1592107200100% Refund Deadline15921072008w2Su June 14

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