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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Student Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Assistance, 408 N. Union Street, processes scholarships, grants, and loans for students attending the Bloomington campus. Any of these sources of financial assistance must be first used to pay instructional fees, housing costs, and other University charges at the time a student completes the registration process.

To qualify for these funds, students must be enrolled in the appropriate number of credit hours. Additional information regarding the number of credit hours needed to qualify for financial aid can be found via Student Central under the "What to Expect" tab. Students completing less than the required credit hours may have their financial aid reduced or cancelled for subsequent enrollment periods.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens every October 1st with a priority dead line of April 15th for the next academic year (Fall, Spring and Summer).

Recipients who receive federal financial aid are expected to attend classes, enroll in courses which satisfy degree objectives and maintain regular progress towards their degree. Class attendance, course verification of meeting degree objectives and progress towards degree are periodically monitored.

General information on the financial assistance available to students enrolled is available via Student Central. Students with specific questions concerning financial assistance may contact Student Central on Union at 408 N. Union Street, or visit One.IU to check on the status of specific awards.

Completion or Graduation Rates

Students who have questions about the completion or graduation rates at Indiana University Bloomington may visit the Federally Required Consumer Information sectin of the UIRR website.

Information about Athletic Programs

Students who have questions about athletic participation rates and financial support available to athletes may visit the Federally Required Consumer Information section of the UIRR website.