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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Full-Time Student Status and Enrollment Requirements

Full-Time Student Status for Official Enrollment Certification Purposes

Listed below are the requirements that constitute full-time student status for official enrollment certification purposes by the Office of the Registrar and for financial assistance.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining standards for full-time and half-time enrollment and if an exception to those standards can be made. Questions regarding exceptions should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

A student who is working on an undergraduate degree that requires 120 to 128 credit hours for completion of requirements should expect to complete 15 or 16 credit hours during regular semesters in order to complete degree requirements in eight semesters. See your advisor for more specific information regarding academic full-time credit hour recommendations for your program.

Note that correspondence courses will not be counted toward credit hour totals.

Undergraduate - 12 hrs.
Graduate - 8 hrs.

Full-time enrollment for Kelley Direct online MBA students is 6 credits per term.

Enrollment Requirements for Selected University Services

Fellowships1,2 Grad. - 6 hrs.3
Assistantships4 Grad. - 6 hrs.
1 Except for those enrolled in thesis or dissertation hours.
2 Some fellowships require enrollment in more than 6 credit hours. Consult the IU office that is providing the fellowship for more information.
3 For summer fellowships, consult the IU office providing the fellowship for enrollment.
4 Graduate students on an assistantship (student academic appointment) at 37.5% FTE or greater must enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours.

Residential Programs & Services

Housing: Eligibility

To be eligible for a summer residence hall contract, you must be:

  • a registered IU student enrolled in at least one (1) summer session course, or
  • deemed eligible by the assistant director of assignments.

Convicted sex offenders are not eligible to reside in university housing. If RPS learns that a current or pending resident is a convicted sex offender, this contract will be cancelled.

Obligation to Vacate the Unit; Abandoned Personal Property

You agree to vacate your unit:

  • immediately, if directed to do so in exigent circumstances, or
  • within three (3) calendar days of losing eligibility for housing, or
  • within twenty-four (24) hours after completing your last final examination each academic session, or
  • at the end of the Contract Term

Personal property remaining in the unit after you vacate or abandon the unit will be disposed of by RPS after fifteen (15) days. Your bursar account will be billed the daily room rate for storage, plus any cost associated with such disposal.

Enrollment Requirements for International Students

Academic Level Fall/Spring Summer*
Undergraduate 12 hrs.6 hrs.
Graduate 8 hrs.4 hrs.
Graduate SAA 6 hrs.3 hrs.
* Applies to students who have NOT been enrolled at IU in the previous 5 months. Summer term starts are restricted to 2nd 8 weeks.

Full-Time Student Status for Veterans Administration Certification Purposes

Undergraduate 12 hrs.
Graduate 8 hrs.

For full-time status purposes (including for online Kelley Direct programs), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs considers twelve-, eight-, six-, and four-week classes, as well as other non-standard duration courses, differently than the university. For further information about this as well as part-time certification requirements, please contact the Center for Veteran and Military Students at 823 E. 11th Street, or at, (812) 856-1985.