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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

IU Tuition Benefit Plan

Full-time appointed IU Academic and Staff employees (including Residents) are eligible for the IU Tuition Benefit and the IUHS Tuition Waiver. To be eligible, the individual must be employed by the end of the first week of classes for the semester or term or at the time of registration for IUHS courses. IU Tuition Benefit Plan benefits apply to covered employees, their spouses, and qualified children. The benefits provide a subsidy toward the tuition costs associated with attending Indiana University classes, or a 25% waiver of course tuition (not including fees) in the case of IUHS courses. The benefit does not apply to mandatory fees (activity, health, technology, transportation, etc.) or special fees, such as laboratories, applied music, student teaching, early education experience, advanced dissertation research (B798, G831, G901 or equivalent), testing out of courses, rental of special equipment and facilities, and fees for non-credit courses.

Provisions of the IU Tuition Benefit Plan can be obtained via the IU Human Resources website. Application forms can be completed online by going to One.IU and searching for Tuition Benefit. Questions regarding the IU Tuition Benefit can be directed to University Human Resources at (812) 856-1234 or