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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

University ID Policy

University ID Number and Social Security Number

To maintain the privacy of students’ Social Security numbers, the Student Information System (SIS) generates a unique ten-digit identifier for each student record called the University ID (UID). The UID serves as the key to the student record.

The Social Security number (SSN) can also serve as an important identifier for a student. As permitted by Indiana Code 4-1-10, the last four digits of the SSN may be used to uniquely identify admission applications, registrations, course enrollment documents, transcripts, certification requests, and permanent academic records. Access to the full nine-digit SSN is necessary to determine financial aid eligibility and the SSN is a required identifier for federal grants and loans, and other federal financial aid programs.

In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 and Indiana Code 4-1-8, applicants for admission and enrolled students are advised that the requested disclosure of the Social Security number is voluntary. The applicant or student has the right to refuse disclosure of this number or request its removal from records without penalty. Note, however, that refusal to disclose the SSN renders a student ineligible for participation in federal financial aid programs.

Find Your University ID Number

Currently enrolled students may obtain their University Identification Number (UID) via the University ID app at One.IU:

  • Connect to One.IU.
  • Click the Start button. (Click the Sign In button to authenticate through CAS if you're not already authenticated in your current browser session.)
  • Your 10 digit (University) ID is located under the Demographic Information header.

If you require technical assistance with One.IU, you should e-mail the UITS Support Center or contact their office at 812-855-6789.