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Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin

Withdrawal from the University (All Courses)

Policy and Procedures

Through the first week of the term, students can withdraw from the university without penalty by dropping all classes using Drop or Add Classes (through 1st week of classes) link at One.IU to access the Student Center. After dropping all classes, it is a good idea to print a copy of your class schedule to be sure all classes were successfully dropped.

After the first week of the term, students who are forced to discontinue all studies (even if enrolled in only one course) and withdraw from the university must contact the Student Advocates Office in order to complete the withdrawal process. Please note the exceptions below.

Please note: Effective Fall Semester 2015, the final day a student may request a complete withdrawal from all enrollments for the semester is the final day of instruction/classes for the term, as published in the Official Calendar. In fall and spring terms, the deadline will be the Friday before Final Examination Week.

Please note the following exceptions:

  • International students must go to the Office of International Services in Poplars 221;
  • Law students must go to room 022 of the Law School;
  • Optometry students must go to room 311 of the School of Optometry;
  • University Division students should read the Withdrawal From All Subjects section of the UD website and follow the instructions.
  • Students in Transition students should read the Withdrawal From All Subjects section of the SIT website and follow the instructions.

All other students must withdraw through the Student Advocates Office. Failure to withdraw from the university through the appropriate office may result in grades of F in all courses.

If a student withdraws after the first week of classes, the classes in which the student was enrolled will be retained on the student’s record with a grade of W or F (as appropriate) and a notation of the date of withdrawal. The student should refer to the Official Calendar to determine the last day to withdraw with an automatic grade of W.

To qualify for the grade of W after the deadline, a student must be passing the class(es) on the date of withdrawal. If the student is failing, the grade on the date of withdrawal will be F.

Students should consult the Official Calendar to determine the period in which they can withdraw and still receive a full or partial fee refund.

Note: A student who is found to have committed an act of academic misconduct while enrolled in a class and is assigned a grade of F by the instructor as a result of the misconduct will have the grade of F entered in place of the automatic W which would otherwise have applied. A grade of F recorded as a result of academic misconduct will be subject to the same procedures as if the student had not attempted to withdraw from the class.

Multiple withdrawals from all subjects

Undergraduate students who withdraw from all subjects for two academic terms (fall, spring, or summer), will have a hold placed on their account which will prevent them from registering for a future term without written permission of the dean of their college or school, or the dean’s delegate. Please see the Student Central website for the petition contact information for each college/school.